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Saving Deposits

Savings accounts are a great way to establish a ‘rainy day fund’ in the event of emergencies. The best saving accounts are from banks that offer good interest rates and friendly customer service. By establishing a saving bank account , you can rest assured that you will have money in case of emergency.

  • Easy Account Opening Procedure. Account can alos open with "zero" ablance.
  • Facility of Computerised passbook
  • No extra charges for passbook.
  • Free of cost personalized MICR cheque book upto 3 cheque book ( 1 cheque book 15 leag)
  • SMS Alert beyond Specified limit for Debit entries without any charges.
  • 24 hours banking through ATM Centres.
  • Nomination facility available
  • No minimum average balance charge
  • Rate of interest is 4% and it calculated on daily basis  and accounting oh half yearly basis.


Current Deposit

The bank offers the facility of Current A/c with personalized services to meet the business requirement of the customers. 

The facility of Current A/c is available to proprietorship firm, partnership firms, company, HUF, Trust, co op soc, association etc and individual customers having the daily transactions in the account.

  • Easy procedure for account opening.
  • 24 hours banking facility through our ATM centres to individual account holder.
  • Personalized services.
  • SMS Alert beyond Specified  limit for Debit entries without any charges
  • Six monthly average balance should be maintained only of Rs. 2000/-

Recurring Deposit

To encourage the saving habit of the public at large on monthly basis the bank offers the facility of Recurring Deposits. The product is especially designed for the customers who compulsorily like to save the small amount of their income on monthly basis.

  • Easy & Simple A/c Opening procedure.
  • Speedy and timely services.
  • A/c can be opened at your convenient amount.
  • Special benefits to Small savers.
  • Attractive rate of interest on maturity of the deposits.
  • Flexible maturity periods.

Fixed Deposit

  • Fix deposit scheme is an attractive scheme to deposit your savings for fix period for 30 days to 05 years as per your future requirements.
  • We provide attractive Interest Rates to our Customers from time to time.
  • We offer 0.50% extra Interest Rate to Senior Citizens(Age upto 60 or above)on fix deposits of more than 180 days period and above.
  • Guardian can open Minor’s Fix deposit A/c. When minor turns major then at maturity he/she can withdraw the amount with his/her signature, after providing valid age proof.
  • We offer nomination facility for all deposit accounts.
  • We provide montly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly Interest payment to our customers on their existing Fix Deposits as per their instruction.
  • Loan and Overdraft facility is available against Fix deposit receipt.
  • The maturity date of Loan and Overdraft Account against Fix Deposit is maturity date of Fix Deposit Receipt.
  • TDS on Interest income will be deducted as per Income Tax Act.
  • We are member of Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Scheme [DICGC] in which customers deposit are insured up to Rs. 1 Lac.
  • The rate of interest  of tne term deposit is as under



Rate for Public

Rate for Senior Citizen


30 days to 45 days




46 days to 90 days




91 days to 179 days




180 days to 1 year




More than 1 year and up to 2 years




More than 2 years and up to 5 years



Parivar Bachat

  • It is  our daily dore to dore collecton deposit schme
  • Deposits are colliction in minimum of Rs. 50/- and  above in multiple amount of Rs. 10 .
  • The maturity period is of one year
  • Bank is giving intereset at the rate of 4% and it is counting on daily basis but accounting at tne end of the year.
  • If deposit is withdrawan prematured  than no interest will be given
  • Bank is collecting deposits throgh agent
  • Bank has given deposit collection machine to all agents and receipt of deposit is issued by the agent on the place.
  • Presently we are this deposit facility is available at our Ranjitsagar Road Branch only.